10 things about Noosa



1.Matthew Flinders sailed by Noosa Heads in 1802, it is recorded that he failed to notice the Noosa river however he did note what we now call Laguna Bay, was a wide open sandy bay.

2.From 1823-1833 escaped convicts from Brisbane, and ticket of leave men from Morton Island made their way up to Noosa where they blended into life in the local Kabi Kabi indigenous tribes. Most of these were recaptured and returned to penal life or gave themselves up, except one: John Graham, he lived with the locals for 10 years in Tewantin.

3.Free white men first came to Noosa around 1842. They were members of an exploration party sent on behalf of Governor Gipps, and originally they called it Bracefull Head.

4.Cobb & Co coaches came our way in 1868 from Brisbane travelling to Maryborough via the Gympie goldfields. The wet weather route had them travelling via Tewantin. The trip to Maryborough took 3 days.

5.By the late 1860’s sawmilling arrived in the Noosa area and commenced at Elanda Point. The felled timber was loaded onto pontoons and towed down river where it was loaded onto the SS Culgoa and sent to Brisbane

6.  An Aboriginal reserve of approximately 4000 hectares was established in 1872 by the Queensland Government. The area covered Noosa Heads, Noosaville, Lake Weyba, Doonan, and from Sunshine to Peregian Beach, ( all land south of the Noosa River.) The reserve was cancelled in 1878.

7.In 1879, land was surveyed for the Village of Noosa, land was offered for sale in Hastings street but no sales were recorded that year.

8.Walter Hay, ( the man who found a quick route from Gympie to Noosa)

was credited 80 acres, he established a 10 room building that eventually became known as Halse Lodge.

9. In 1914 The council purchased a grader that was pulled by a bullock team, they then in 1918 started asking Brisbane and Gympie councils to assist in the combined construction of what became the Bruce Highway.

10.The council bought a grader that was hauled by a bullock team in 1914 to build roads, and they then, in 1918; asked Brisbane and Gympie council to join together and create the Bruce Highway.

So from small beginnings we became a favorite place for visitors from far and wide and I would like to thank Mr Walter Hay for building that beautiful old building that still stands proud on Noosa Hill. We love our town.