Christmas in Noosa

Christmas is only two weeks away. Also meaning that the New Year is almost here! We tend to see a lot of the same holiday makers in Noosa over Christmas; I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas in the best part of South East Queensland?

The majority of Noosa holiday rental companies are already fully booked over the Christmas and New Year period. A tip for next year: book or re book in advance for Christmas 2013 as soon as possible! Most holiday rental agencies accept small deposits to secure next years’ plans. Noosa is still receiving a very high amount of Christmas and New Year enquiries for holiday accommodation; as it always does, right up to Christmas Day! Brisbane and Gold Coast residents usually fill these enquiries as it is only a relatively short drive up and wish for a short escape from work to paradise.

Everyone loves a summer Christmas. Especially in South East Queensland where the best beach days ever are produced! Each year we see a huge amount of people spending Christmas morning or lunch down at main beach and it’s a delight to see all the kids making use of their new sand and water toys delivered by Santa that day. Most of the restaurants and bars in Noosa have special New Years Eve functions for the public where you buy tickets for. Hastings St is usually incredibly busy on New Years Eve, as are many popular tourist spots, with kids fireworks on main beach around 7 or 8pm, and then adults firework display with countdown at midnight! THEN the party starts! It would be tough securing a venue on the day – most bars and restaurants are usually fully booked so we suggest securing your venue as soon as practical. Noosa agencies tend to run a fair few auctions before Christmas. Imagine securing a piece of Noosa then – that would make for the best Christmas ever! I’m sure most agencies would have their auction success rates published on their websites for the public to see for their interest.

There is a big tourist information centre next to the surf club, opposite Cafe Le Monde on Hastings St run by very experienced volunteers who are happy to introduce you to Noosa activities. If you are in Noosa and are yet to organise an itinerary, see the staff at the info centre to plan your where else but Noosa holiday.