Hastings Street

When I think of Hasting Street I think of all the hustle and bustle when ever there are holidays on. Hasting Street would have to be one of the most well known streets on the Sunshine Coast. Hasting Street is right beside the picture perfect Main Beach. Hasting Street is full of boutique shops such as Hugo Boss, Mimko, Kooki, Rip Curl, Billabong and many many more.

Hasting Street is also home to some of Noosa’s finest restaurants, cafes and cocktail bars. The Noosa Food and Wine festival is held around Hasting Street every year attracting over 26,000 people for 4 days full of food, wine, cooking shows and entertainment. The festival also includes other local restaurants around Noosa holding special dinners.

Hasting Street attracts all the tourists and holiday makers. It’s set in the perfect location, with shops, food and the beach all right in one location. Hasting Street also has a great night life. The rolling rock, Catos, M!nk on Hastings and Zachary's have a great night life for young and old. Zachary’s offers amazing pizzas and a huge cocktail list. The Rolling Rock is Noosa most well known night club.

I love going down to Hasting Street when there is no holiday makers and traffic, getting a great car park and walking down to get a fresh juice and go across to Main Beach. I love getting my 2 dogs and going for a walk right down Hasting Street to then very end of Main Beach to the spit and going for a swim down there.

There are some great walking tracks down either end of Hasting Street that are filled with local wild life. Don’t forget to take your camera you may even get a glimpse of the very rare albino bush turkey.

The only hard thing about Hasting Street is the parking and time limits when it comes to parking. Noosa needs to offer more free parking with longer hours. Bay Village car park is very expensive if you want to go shopping in Hasting Street. It would be great if there was a multi story car park available in Noosa, that way we wouldn’t be taking out any of the animal’s habitat.

It would also be good if there were more free events held in Noosa that promoted local bands and businesses. Noosa has a very laid back feel to it and I believe that we should take a look at Byron Bays events and try something similar in Noosa. The more people we attract the more money gets spent locally.