Here comes Winter

Winter has just started to poke its face out... are you prepared??

There are plenty of Noosa holiday properties that are offering good discounts for your winter visit. A Noosa winters typically have crisp mornings and late afternoons but the sun shines nice and bright in the middle of the day! By mid morning you’ll find the temperatures are around 22 degrees most days. We don’t even get much rain in the winter time! The rain usually likes to save itself for summer.

Noosa has a few cycling, swimming and other sporting events around winter. There are cycle routes throughout Noosa; there is not a stretch of road that doesn’t have a designated cycle lane which is why Noosa would be the perfect to take up this sport. We love it when all of the cyclists and tourists come around for the events. This weekend (27 and 28 April 2013) we are holding the Noosa Ultimate Sports Fest. Most of the roads are closed for this event on 28 April, including Gympie Tce and Noosa Pde. Everyone can still get to Hastings St via Noosa Junction so don’t worry! We have tents set up in the lion’s park (opposite Hastings St bus stop – right near the finish line for this event!) with plenty of apparel and bike accessories. It’s all so interesting exploring the world of bikes and lycra! 

The ocean swim race from Tea Tree bay to Laguna bay was held on 27 April. Some people in the older age brackets (50+) finished the swim in around 40 minutes - isn’t that amazing! Everyone’s results in all age brackets are available online. The conditions for the race were pretty good we hear!

After all the races have finished it’s almost customary to go and buy an ice cream to celebrate! There are so many people with their ice creams walking up and down Hastings, checking out the shops, looking at restaurant street menu’s for that nights’ dinner. And why shouldn’t all of these athletes go and enjoy ice creams afterwards!? They have trained hard and deserve it!

Next time we have a sporting festival, or any other festival like Noosa Food and Wine or the Jazz fest, come over and stay on Hastings St where all the action is – we have studio’s going for around $390 for 7 nights throughout winter and early spring – and no, that is not a typo! That equates to about $56 a night. A Hastings St studio for that price?? Contact us now.