Just a Holiday in Noosa?

Growing up in Noosa you get to know how limitless this place really is, the beaches, the national parks and especially the community. If you ask any of the locals where they want to live every answer will be the same, right here by the beach!  (Well at least it is for me)


There are so many great water front properties it’s hard to choose where you want to stay. With such beautiful nature all around us, Noosaville is perhaps a dream destination. With such a wide variety of shops and things to do there’s something to suit everyone. Whether it be just walking down Gympie Terrace in Noosaville to selecting a restaurant for dinner, visiting Hastings street to eat ice cream after having a refreshing swim at Noosa Main Beach, even walking our fantastic national park tracks you’ll never be bored and never far from accommodation!


With rental options including houses, apartments and units in Noosa, Noosaville, Sunshine Beach, Little Cove and much more! There’s nothing quite like bringing the family up for a holiday to Noosa, so why wait because who wouldn’t want to live here! And who knows perhaps your next trip to Noosa will turn out to be never ending.

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