King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain


The king of the mountain event originated in 1958 by a gentleman named Bruce Samuel who claimed to climb Mount Cooroora in 60 minutes. What started out as challenge provoked by Samuel’s peers of the Pomona railway station soon become a rivalry by many who visited the stations and declared to take up the challenge and replace Samuel’s name of the wall of fame. King of the mountain has now evolved into largely supported event held annually and participated by many.


This year on the 27th July 2014, king of the mountain will hold yet another event. The main race starting at 3pm for a run of 4.2km consisting of an almost vertical mountain climb to the top and back, one not to be missed! Entrants travel from all of the world and train all through the year to obtain the strength, agility, resilient sense of balance and of course an immunity to fear to partake.


The festival is held in the Noosa Hinterland town of Pomona, it’s an all-day fun filled event for the whole family including– family fun run’s, heritage markets, the Canesaid primary school relay, tug o-war, zinc 96.1FM mountain dash, a skate park, jam session, live music, buskers, amusement rides, side show alley and all sorts of foods to choose from!


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