Little Cove

My friends and I have just returned home from Noosa! We had a little escape weekend there, and we have already planned our next weekend there too. It’s really easy driving down from the Gold Coast, only about 3 hours drive maximum. We all wanted to escape to some peace and quiet rather than hanging at home this time. It was really easy to organise somewhere to stay as well, there are so many options and we really enjoy staying in Little Cove. Sometimes you can pick up cheap units to stay in for under $100 a night! Even though they are cheap they are clean and definitely great if you just want somewhere to stay in a nice area.

We already made all of our plans for Noosa before we left the Gold Coast. As soon as we got to Noosa we collected the keys to the unit we booked (one that I have already stayed in before), dropped off our stuff, and then drove over to Noosa North Shore for some fishing. There were a lot of people around at the North Shore; there was even a wedding happening and heaps of trail horses! The unfortunate thing about that trip was there was so much wind around we couldn’t really fish, so we just relaxed and cooked a BBQ lunch on the portable gas burner. After lunch we had a drink at the North Shore bar which they’ve renovated. It looked really inviting; I think they did a fantastic job with it! We didn’t really stay for too long. We had a rodeo to go to that night!

After the North Shore we just drove back to the unit in Little Cove to relax a bit and get ready for Saturday night. We drove to Mooloolaba to check it out, Mooloolaba beach is very nice and there were lots of shops for us to check out! Even Mooloolaba was very busy with people around. Then we had an early dinner at Mooloolaba surf club and saw another wedding happening in the area (the Sunshine Coast must be the number one wedding destination!). The surf club got very busy after we had dinner so we left to go to a rodeo just a few minutes away. It was great! We hadn’t been to one in such a long time. The only downside was the weather; it was windy and rainy, but we still had a good time! Even the rodeo was packed.

We returned to the unit pretty late that night. The next day we spent the whole time at the beach again, took it much easier on Sunday. We only had two nights in Noosa but it was worth it! We’re coming back again next weekend and I’ve already booked the same Little Cove unit.