Living in Noosa


Living locally in Noosa has its many advantages, you know all the best fishing and surfing spots and restaurants, and I never get sick of the shopping, and of course main beach. I love talking to the holiday makers around; it’s always interesting to hear where they have come from, mostly from southern areas to escape their weather because Noosa’s is always so good! Many people say they want to make the move here one day. And really, who wouldn’t! We are very lucky to be living here.

On the weekends my family and I enjoy walking on the beach, checking the bar conditions, running up the national park where there are always plenty of surfers trying to catch a wave, and backpackers of course. It’s especially nice when the weather is perfect – which is most of the time.

Our relatives said we made a great decision when we arrived in Noosa over 20 years ago and we still agree. They secured their piece of real estate here and frequent Noosa, and always look forward to coming back every time.Just like many people in this area, especially people from the cities, theywant to escape their busy lives and just relax here for a while, which makes their properties available for the majority of the year for great holiday rental options for people who just like to escape here every now and then.

A few of the Noosa real estate companies have been around for a very long time and really know their stuff. The majority of the properties around here are rented through these agencies and they do a pretty good job at it too. There are also plenty of hotels and resorts down Gympie Tce Noosaville, which we call the “food street” of Noosa. There are that many optionsdown that street along the river that we can never decide where to eat quickly enough! Hastings St has many restaurants too, plenty of fine dining optionsplus casual bars and cafes, not forgetting the surf club right on the beach.

I would invite anyone considering a relaxed holiday to come to Noosa; I am sure they would not be disappointed and the range ofNoosa holiday accommodation is huge, and you can certainly pick up amazing deals, all the time! Don’t just wait til Spring and Summer, Winter is a great time to visit our weather never fails and perhaps is not as busy!