My Noosa Weekend

So I decided I wanted to get away from busy Brisbane during the winter semester break at university just for a few days and where else would I want to go but Noosa!

Noosa’s only one and half hours away and it is just perfect for relaxing – especially because I booked a reasonably priced holiday unit in Little Cove that was right across the road from the beach so I could hear the waves where ever I was, and it was only 5 minutes away from Noosa main beach. It’s so lovely how you can visit Noosa main beach in the middle of winter and it is still sunny!

So I met some of my Noosa friends for lunch down Hastings Street on Saturday – there were so many choices it took us forever to make up our minds! After lunch we went for a long walk down the National Park and when my friends saw the unit I was staying in they said I made a great choice (but really it was the real estate agency that suggested the property!).

When my friends left the next day I spent most of Sunday collecting shells along Little Cove and Johnson’s down to main beach. I picked up some really nice ones that are going to go great with my artwork I am making! Maybe it would be nice enough to sell…

I met with my family for a Sunday afternoon BBQ along Gympie Terrace Noosaville, it was so nice, and there were a lot of people out and about with their dogs too! It must be a popular area to take your dog for a walk. There were still people hiring out kayaks as well that afternoon because the weather was so nice! After our BBQ we just took a walk up and down the street and there were still people sitting at restaurants eating late lunches and probably observing the nice views from across the road… it was just lovely.

After the BBQ I just did not feel like driving back home to Brisbane! So I stayed with my family and their friends who mentioned that next time I come back to Noosa for a weekend I need to check out the Eumundi Markets on a Saturday and the Noosa Farmers Markets on Sunday. That’s my next plan for when I visit Noosa again!