New to Noosa and the Sunshine Coast?

It is surprising just how many people have not yet experienced the delights of Noosa, Sunshine Coast! The Sunny Coast airport is located in Maroochydore, just a half hour drive to Noosa Heads. The Sunshine Coast airport, although not as large as the major cities like Brisbane, has direct flights arriving from Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Auckland and Christchurch just to name a few. The opportunity exists for a Noosa holiday with only 30 minutes driving time from the airport if flying out from any of those major cities!

It’s very easy to get around Noosa – there aren’t any hills, very few traffic lights and there are bus stops everywhere! No matter where you stay here, there will most likely be a bus stop 5-10 minutes walk away from your door. No need for a hire car when the buses run constantly, and if you stay around Noosa Hill or Noosa Sound the beach is only a 10-15 minute walk away anyway! Do you want to be even closer to the beach? Try staying in Little Cove, or along Hastings St where the beach is right across the road, or in Sunshine Beach (for keen surfers)!

Now that the weather is getting a bit chilly (especially for locals’ standards) it’s time to pack your jumpers and jeans! Although Noosa heats up nicely in the middle of the day it does get nippy early mornings and late afternoons/nights. You can still enjoy the beach here in winter so don’t worry about that! We constantly see people sun-baking on north-facing main beach in June/July...  there aren’t many beaches that can say that about themselves!

Even our ice cream shops still have lots of customers in winter – that just proves it is never too cold for an ice cream, or for a swim for that matter! But just remember surfers, pack those wetties.

Once you experience Noosa I could bet you’ll want to return. Booking accommodation for your next trip has never been easier – we can take bookings 12 months in advance and you can do it yourselves online! Bam, next booking already sorted!

We tend to holiday makers check out what’s for sale on their last days here, pondering on the idea of owning a property in this location. You might be surprised how many properties have great value so why not do a few drive by’s, and look out for our Dowling and Neylan signs, they shouldn’t be too hard to spot around here!