Noosa Attractions

Noosa has some amazing attractions!

I think the main attraction of Noosa would be Hastings St, where you find some of the best dining experiences, the best ice creams, oh and not to mention the shopping!

5 minutes along the boardwalk around main beach leads you straight to the national park which is truly spectacular! It is my favourite national park and I love seeing the whales sometimes at Hell’s Gates! There are some very popular fishing spots along the way too. There is a small pocket of homes in Little Cove which must be very exclusive, with plenty of holiday rental opportunities there!

If you have the chance to explore Noosaville, make sure you visit Gympie Terrace. The river there looks very inviting and there are plenty of boat and kayak hire opportunities which would be so much fun! Watching the boats enter the river from the ocean, kayakers, fishermen, is all very relaxing especially if you decide to use the public BBQ’s for your lunch! There is so much choice for dining along Gympie Terrace, and most restaurants have fantastic views right across the road from the river. There must be something for everyone along Noosa’s famous “food street”. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the kinds of holiday rentals along that area, some of them just look luxurious!

Noosa Marina in Tewantin is only 5 minutes drive away from Gympie Terrace, where the markets are held on Sunday and where the Noosa Ferry is docked. There are also plenty of nice restaurants in the marina too!

Speaking of markets, make sure to visit the Noosa Farmer’s Markets, at the Noosaville footy grounds along Weyba Road, just 5 minutes down the hill from Hastings St. They have the very best foods, and most of the restaurants along Noosa source the freshest ingredients direct from them! There have even been books written about the Noosa Farmer’s Markets, available at Mary Ryan’s on Hastings St! While you are at the farmer’s markets, make sure to check out what’s happening at the Noosa Arts Theatre right next to the footy grounds, the shows they hold there are fantastic and reasonably priced!

The Noosa Real Estate market has a lot of great opportunities and offices are so friendly and actually have your interests in mind. I love Noosa that much that one day I will purchase a property here for my family for permanent holidays!