Noosa Coffee

 I love a great cup of coffee, conversely I hate getting a bad cup of coffee. Having a bit of experience making coffee, when I have to go to a new coffee shop I look for a few signs before I order a coffee. I look to see how the beans are stored, I check out the coffee machine they use, I listen to how the milk is steamed, I savor the aroma and I look at the texture of coffee in the cup. It is far easier to stick with a coffee shop that consistently serves a great coffee.

Noosa has some great coffee shops. These are a few of my favorites:

Hard Coffee – is located right behind our office in Bay Village. They are very passionate about their coffee and it is consistently great. All the staff seem to enjoy working here and are always friendly – not that this has anything to do with coffee quality but it is nice to get coffee without attitude. The shop is always busy but they do have some comfortable separate seating in the food court. If I didn’t have to take my coffee back to my desk I would get a take-away (they have good quality paper cups) and wander over to Main Beach and enjoy the coffee watching the surf rolling in.

Aroma’s Coffee – nothing is more Hastings St than Aromas. The coffee is consistently good and is matched by the ambience of sitting at the alfresco tables watching the world go by. My wife loves going to Aromas as it is as much about the place as it is about the coffee. It is a great place to go with that special person in your life.

Coffee Club – My teenage daughters both work at the Coffee Club, Noosa Civic so perhaps I’m a bit biased on this one.  The coffee is surprisingly good for a franchise coffee shop, particularly if it is made by my daughter. If you are like me and can only take shopping in small doses and have the family exploring the shops at The Civic this is a great place to take a break and enjoy a java.