Noosa Jazz Festival

The Noosa Jazz festival is approaching and we can’t wait to hear that jazz again! We usually like staying in some  Hastings St  Accommodation for the festival; the street comes alive with so much talent for those 4 nights. It can be loud at times, but it’s great music! It is perfect for us to take a short break for 4 days and conveniently, it is before the September school holidays. We already made our bookings when we were up in Noosa last weekend so we’re very excited now.

Last weekends’ weather was excellent, nice and sunny, so we went fishing out in the boat all day Saturday, some places down Barbados Cres allow you to moor your boat on the jetty so we always stay there when we bring the boat up. It was definitely worth it too! We caught a lot of fish and had a big BBQ at the apartment that night, delicious.

These weekend trips to Noosa are almost becoming regular for us – I think we are hooked on the relaxed lifestyle! Agencies around town offer really good rates for weekend stays some are even around $100 a night and you get excellent views too, very good value for money so we don’t like to miss it! We went to the Noosa Farmers’ Markets on Sunday it was very good as usual, we had our breakfast there and picked up some lovely food grown by the farmers themselves – so it is always freshest. Coolum has local footy games playing on Saturday’s so we watched a game there and it was great, we checked out the beach there too and had a walk around the shops, its actually a very nice little area, we might stay there another time for a change as its only about 20 minutes from Noosa anyway.

Hastings Street was also quite busy on the weekend – fair few people around on the beach (thanks to the weather I am sure) and a few boats around, plus a few weddings happening! Those brides looked fabulous and what an area to get married I thought. I bet they were staying in Little Cove! Little Cove has some amazing holiday apartments especially up Little Cove Road and Allambi Rise, my favourites! I want to stay in those apartments some time soon, I will invite some friends to share the cost and we’ll all have another great time in Noosa!