Noosa Lifesavers

If someone asked “what comes to mind when I say Noosa?” the first thing that pops into your head would be Hastings Street or the beach, right? Noosa is famous for its beautiful coastline National park and beautiful environment, we have countless amounts of people coming back here again and again to enjoy the pristine weather while they relax on the sand or catch some surf from the local wave breaks.

One of the reasons Noosa is such a lovely place to come and enjoy the sand and surf, is the safe environment while swimming in one of the 2 North facing beaches in Queensland, Noosa Main Beach is patrolled by the wonderful volunteers at the Noosa Surf Life Saving Club and it is currently the start of the season when the newest members have just begun their training for their Certificate 2 in Public Safety - Aquatic Rescue (aka Bronze Medallion) which is the minimum requirement for an Active Surf Lifesaver.

These new life savers will be learning a lot over the next few weeks like surf awareness, first aid, rescue techniques and how to use a wide range of surf rescue equipment that can will use to patrol and protect our beaches - which means when you come to enjoy your holiday in any one of the amazing locations near the beach some areas like Sunshine Beach, Little Cove or even right on Noosa’s Main Beach you can rest assured that someone in one of those familiar red and yellow uniforms will be there to take care of you.

So if being near the beach is something you need when you are on holiday look no further than Noosa. With stunning properties and beautiful accommodation the easy access to patrolled beaches this combination is perfect for a getaway any time of year! We hope to see you soon!