Noosa Long Weekend 2016

Noosa hosts an incredible festival every July, this year The Noosa Long Weekend Festival runs from 15-24 July and is 10 days and nights of music, theatre food and fun, dance, workshops, forums and much more. Noosa locals love this event over all other Noosa festivals as there is such a wide range on offer.

Early beginnings:

When David and Kristin Williamsons came to Noosa in 1996, the town’s credentials as an outstanding blend of built and natural environment, preserved by visionary town planning and courageous political will, was already well established.

Noosa’s rain forested headlands, golden wave washed bays and pristine river were to become the backdrop for a cultural event that until Noosa Long Weekend had been limited and largely self-generated. David, Kristin and a band of dedicated friends, including violist and composer Brett Dean and restaurateur Leonie Palmer-Fisher, set about turning Noosa into a destination of cultural excellence.

Noosa is not just a tourist destination, it’s a real community, and unless you contribute to that community, you do get the feeling that you’re just

Truer words never spoken, I agree David.

This year we have many local Noosa performers, artists, dancers, writers, actors as well as International artists, who are welcomed warmly into our community as always.

So many of us Cultural Ex City people who now call Noosa home, we miss all the theatre and Culture that the city folk are not deprived of, so we have created a great thriving Noosa Cultural Revolution of our own, the local Noosa Performing Arts theatre is one of the best rural performing Arts Theatres in Australia, and why would it not be? With all the wonderful talented patrons and performers that have joined the Noosa Community over the years, we really are blessed.

So get on line, look up Noosa Long Weekend and get up here and immerse yourself in something denied to many, but bountiful to myself, my fellow Noosa folk; and yes to you too….CULTURE.

Noosa Long Weekend 15-24 July.

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