Noosa North Shore

Our last Noosa visit had a different approach to what we usually get up to on our holidays here. We heard some friends talking about Noosa North Shore, and how they have really changed the area since last time we went there. We decided to check it out again, and it looked very good! The hotel certainly changed, it was very inviting so we stuck around for lunch, then we went fishing, unfortunately we didn’t catch anything but it was very relaxing. There were plenty of cars on the beach, and our kids liked looking at the beach trail horses!

After our time at the North Shore we looked at the possibility of crabbing along Noosa River – there were a few companies that ran crabbing tours, so we went for it. It was quite reasonably priced and we had so much fun, even lunch on the boat was included and guess what it was – crab that we barbequed straight after collecting!

The next day after the crabbing adventure we hired an estuary boat just to cruise along Noosa River. We took our rods, had a few nibbles but nothing serious, went swimming, we just had a really great time. The weather held up nicely, it’s great that the weather usually stays sunny and warm even in winter here.

We spent all of our time along the water – missed out on the Hinterland, but we’ll wait til next time for that! Main beach is always a hit for us, we spent a lot of time down there just relaxing, walking up and down to the river mouth, checking out bar conditions, kids making sandcastles, my wife and I even had beach massages, very relaxing.

On our last days we checked out some of the local real estate, we loved driving up and down Noosa Sound, there are heaps of houses along the water, and some would make for great holiday accommodation! We found a quaint house down Dolphin Crescent, maybe we’ll rent that one next time we’re up here, which will be soon I am sure! We noticed there were a few for sale too – so we just floated around the place going to open homes – all the agents were helpful, so we asked to be kept in the real estate loop, they were quite approachable. We want to be buying pretty soon, as we come to Noosa often enough!