Noosa on a Sunday

Its Sunday here in Noosa and I am sitting in the office on Hastings street, for the most part working hard. – However this afternoon I have taken a moment to open the door, let the cold winter breeze fill the office, look up from the computer and take in the beauty that is Noosa.


Sunday’s most certainly come alive in our little part of the world. The atmosphere is incredible. There are people strolling along with an ice cream cone in their hands. People ready for a swim in the warm ocean water while others are jogging and exercising along the street.  Suitcases are being rolled along by visitors ready to check in to their holiday unit, and the locals are enjoying a nice relaxed wine by the water.


The music playing from the restaurants and cafes, have people stopped and bobbing along. The birds that are chirping and flying around in the trees, have others stopped taking in the beauty and the colours these birds are producing. You can see people walking their dogs allowing strangers to stop to pat and love their precious fury family members. People of all ages walking around looking, taking in and appreciating this magnificent part of the world.


I am completely captivated by the fact that in such a busy world, our Sunday’s on Hastings Street – are relaxed, fun filled and so in the moment. With hardly any electronic devices out and about, it’s truly amazing to see people creating memories with the people they love.

Come and spend a Sunday in Noosa and I am sure you will see the beauty it has to offer. 

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