Noosa Pet Accommodation In Paradise

If you come to our beautiful Noosa for a holiday, did you know you can bring your pets too?

We have a range of pet friendly properties available here in Noosa, there are also several dog and cat boarding facilities available, and best of all; if you happen to miss out on securing one of our pet properties n Noosa, there are many kind people who welcome pets into their home, so while you are on holidays, so is your pooch! You can even collect the furry one and take him out for the day to one of our fabulous Noosa doggie beaches.

Did you know that the mouth of the Noosa River, where the river meets the sea heading west; the entire peninsula of land is officially called “Dog Beach”. Many years ago locals made this beach their own unofficial dog beach, away from the surf, away from the crowds, still crystal clear water for our dogs and us to bathe in. After the council revamped the area some 6 years ago, it was officially called Noosa Dog Beach. Park your car in the last car park on the left as you drive up Noosa Spit, and please keep the dog on the leash before you reach the sand.

After you safely make it to the Noosa Dog beach, it’s off leash and away we go, playing, running, swimming, chasing balls and Frisbees, and my dog’s favourite rolling in the warm golden sands. I know everyone thinks that their dog is special, but mine actually fishes: beady brown eyes staring at the ripples waiting for the sight of a little silver fish, and then UP in the air and DOWN she pounces like a bear catching a salmon, sadly she has no luck but never gives up. Walk west along the beach to the end and then you can follow the shore at low tide and make your way back along the waters edge and all you hear is the sound of the yachts rigging tinkling in the breeze and the occasional black cockatoo, screeching in the skies above. By the way, when a black cockatoo screeches is generally an announcement of rain to come. This area of Noosa Woods, as it is now called once you leave the sand, is the natural growth area for the Coastal Cassurina, the hard fruit of which when dry, is the favourite food of the Black Cockatoo.

There are many dog off leash beaches to visit here in Noosa, even if you don’t have one, they are a joy to watch, and you’re guaranteed to get a giggle out of enjoying the antics of a dog doing what they love best, in the best part of the world, our very own UNESCO World Heritage NOOSA Biosphere.

Also have a look at the dog beach web site:

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