Noosa River

 I really enjoy going along Noosa River. The council has done a lot of work to make Noosa River really presentable now. There is so many tables and seats, BBQs and uncover areas. Noosa River always reminds me of childhood birthday parties and family gatherings. There is so much to offer for every one of all ages really. There is the large grassed areas, the river it self which is always flat and quite safe to swim in, it also has a sandy area to build sand castles and use the beach toys. The large undercover areas provide a place to set up food, cook and prepare food for a BBQ, places to hang party decorations and being undercover it doesn’t matter if it rains the party can still go ahead.

Noosa River is also a very popular place for exercise. The local council has installed gym like equipment along all different sections on the river. You are able to start a walk up by the Yacht Club and as you make your way down the river your able to use the gym equipment provided which is a free service. There are 2 walk paths along Noosa River you have one side that you can walk along the water ways or the other side offers you more of a street view.

We often like taking our dogs for a walk along the river, letting them have a swim and on the way back to our car we stop in at the local cafes to have a coffee and chat.

The Noosa River area has some of Noosa’s finest restaurants and cafes to offer. There are also some lovely Bars in this area as well. They provide all types of different food, providing breakfast, lunch and dinner or just some light tapas there really is something for everyone.

Sunsets on Noosa River would have to be one of the nicest spots in Noosa of an evening. You can watch the sun set behind the mountains with amazing colours of reds, oranges, yellows turning into a beautiful purple, blue and pink sky with these colours being splashed across the water. It’s worth taking your camera down with some friends or family getting some fish and chips for dinner and watching this stunning sunset.

The River also boast some wonderful shopping and boutique shops but I will save that all for another day !