Noosa Sound

Well, what a glorious 10 days we had in Noosa recently! There were so many people around Hastings Street, very glad we booked an apartment on Hastings so we didn’t have to worry about finding a park! And the accommodation was so cheap, exactly what we wanted so we could spend our money where it matters most – at restaurants! We had a few meals at Lindoni’s, Season and Rococo just to name a few along Hastings St. We occasionally took a stroll down to Quamby Place to Ricky’s and Wasabi that was lovely and had nice food.

We originally thought a flight from NZ to Noosa just for 10 days might have been too much – but it’s worth it for Noosa! Unfortunately the days off work could not be for longer, and the flights were pretty reasonable so we went ahead with the idea. We hadn’t been to Noosa for a little while; it hadn’t changed too much apart from the different shops around town! We checked out all the new shops, we love shopping on Hastings St mostly; it’s convenient for me as I can escape to the beach when I get bored of it!

When we came home we recommended all the restaurants to a few friends that we know are coming to Noosa in a few months – they’re having an extended stay, lucky them! They usually book apartments down Noosa Sound because its still walking distance to the beach, I am sure they pick up good deals for extended stays.

As we did have a few days here we packed lots in. We went to Eumundi markets which had a lot of food stalls and hand made crafts etc. We also went strawberry picking in Eumundi, it’s actually quite a cute little town and it is only about 20 minutes to Hastings St. I wouldn’t mind owning a piece of real estate out there…

On our last days we plodded around Hastings looking at real estate window displays. There are all types of properties for sale and we noticed a few properties that would be perfect to put in the holiday rental market… Maybe that can be our next goal: to own a holiday rental property in Noosa!