Noosa Tri Accommodation

It is so convenient being able to drive to Noosa from Brisbane. It’s quite an easy drive so we thought about driving up just for the weekend just to check out some places to stay for the Noosa Tri coming up in November. Noosa gets so busy for the tri, so many competitors; it is such a major event so accommodation can become scarce if you don’t book early!

We stayed in a Little Cove unit for the weekend, but we couldn’t book this one for the tri because it was already booked. Doing drive by’s are much more fun than just looking online! We walked around Little Cove, drove to Noosa Sound and Noosaville, there were still a few nice places available so we booked one on Noosa Parade, a waterfront unit, it looked very nice on the outside.

So when we had finally secured a place for the Tri we hung around Noosa for the Sunday and did a lot of shopping and swimming. The Noosa Farmers’ Markets were on Sunday, just at the Noosaville footy fields, so we stocked up on some fresh food to bring back, but then the kids ate most of it! Ha ha, we thought something like that might happen. After the markets we mainly stayed around Hastings St, main beach and Little Cove beach. Hastings St was superbusy on the weekend, there were so many people everywhere cruising the street and doing bits of shopping here and there just like my wife. The weather was holding up very nicely, I heard it had been very lovely in Noosa the last couple of days, some friends mentioned it a few times from their last trip recently. After Hastings St we relaxed on Main beach for a while, and did the walk down the national park boardwalk, again, back to the unit, but not before we stopped at Little Cove beach just for a short while because it’s so peaceful, it’s the kids favourite spot.

We had to leave on Sunday night back to Brisbane, very lucky its only a short drive, it only took us about an hour and a half to get back. Now that we have our unit on Noosa Sound for the tri we’re all set, we will have to try and get back up there next week for a longer stay, just two days in Noosa is not enough!