Noosa Walking Tracks

One of many reasons why I love Noosa is all the different walking tracks (Or running) routes I discovered since moving to Noosa.

How can anyone not love walking (running) on the beach I have found the best starting and finishing point is at Sails Restaurant near the end of Hastings Street. It’s the best if it’s not high tide so you have some firm sand to walk on and you are not going to get your shoes washed over with a wave. This walk (run) is about 3.5 KM long and is nearly dead flat.

Starting from Sails head west on the beach, you should be warmed up a bit when you hit the first groin and have to plod up small incline over soft sand to cross the rock groin. Continue along the shoreline until you reach the river mouth. A short climb on soft sand and you’re up to the tower at the river mouth. Follow the river to the Noosa Woods, here there are a variety of paths you can take but generally you want to back track in an eastern direction.

Normally I cross back over to the beach at the woods entrance in order to avoid the pedestrians and traffic on Hastings Street. The boardwalk leading back to sails provides you with a spring in your step; you may even fool the beach goers that you are indeed a serious walker (runner). Avoid walking (running on the board walk around meal time – the Aromas wafting from the restaurants can be torturous.

Another great walk is of course the beautiful National Park – very scenic.

Hells Gate and back is my favourite about 1 hour in total from the entrance of the park to the very far point taking in beautiful scenery along the way.

There is of course lots of other tracks, get lost in the centre of the National Park, you could be gone for hours.

Beautiful Rain Forests a waits with waterfalls cascading down.

Another favourite walk is along the river – the western sunset on the river is unforgettable.

What are you waiting for? – Get those walking shoes on!


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