Noosa Winter Festivities

Well it's still winter here in Noosa, not that you would know it! even though we are all wearing more layers than usual its great to see that everyone here is still ready to come together and support each other, as anyone who was at the Junction Ally Festival last Saturday afternoon and evening can vouch for.

It was a great event, from 4pm to 9pm there were live bands and food stalls, then the sun went down and they projected huge live images onto the walls of the alleyway, strings of lanterns came on and created a magical environment in such a surprising, unused place.

It was such a great fundraising event and it was even better to see all the parents and their children dancing around in time to the music to have fun and support different cultural activities in the Noosa Junction.

So if you are hesitating about booking a holiday to Noosa because you think we all just hibernate over the winter months think again! Why not check out our Winter Warmer specials on our Noosa specials page and come visit us this winter where things are just getting warmed up! We look forward to seeing you soon…