Noosa's Most Famous Mountain.

Noosa's Most Famous Mountain.

Have you ever driven around Noosa or been down on the Noosa River or perhaps playing with your pets at Noosa Dog Beach and looked at that ever present pointy mountain over to the west?

Well if you have ever wondered what it’s called, that is Mount Cooroy, and it’s a landmark for us Noosa locals. Whenever we see it, we know home is not far away. My favourite place to Mount Cooroy is from Noosa River or Noosa Spit/Noosa Dog Beach. It’s a beautiful upside down conical shaped monolith that reaches 438 m high and watches over us.

Access is not available all year, except in October, every year it is opened up for public access for Cooroy Mountain Festival, unless you are lucky to know some of the owners of the farmland around Mount Cooroy.

The name was originally called Mount Coorooey, from the Aboriginal word for possum, Kurui. Politically correctly;  Kuri’bigal’ba is the indigenous name from the now extinct locals from this area, Kabi.

So if you are after one of THE best views in the Noosa region then start training and get fit and walk Mt Cooroy.