Quamby Place

During our holiday in Noosa we discovered some fine restaurants down Quamby Place Noosa Sound and that tranquil park beside them – it seemed to be very popular and for good reason! The food at those restaurants was fantastic, and we would definitely go back. We had dined along Hastings Street a fair few times too, we found café Le Monde which has been on Hastings St for a very long time now which still has that relaxed atmosphere. The bar and steak house “Laguna Jacks” on the corner of Hastings St was quite nice as well, it was lovely looking down on Hastings St watching everyone around. We also made it to the taste of Coolum which was lovely. It was very much like the Noosa Food and Wine Festival which is always a great event! There were plenty of people and great food which was the main attraction!

My young kids really enjoyed main beach, they were busy building sand castles and collecting rocks and shells washed up on the sand. They actually picked up some really nice ones for our fish tank! Ha ha ha. We found a small massage tent on the beach too so I told my wife to try it. She said it was great because it was nice listening to the ocean.

We stayed at a luxury house in Noosa Waters for the two weeks we were here. Surprisingly, it was very well priced for this type of property! We re booked it for this time next year too, didn’t want to miss that opportunity! If you’re looking for luxury, definitely try a property at Noosa Waters they are all amazing, such great architecture. We even loved just driving around the place checking out all the houses around! During the end of our holiday we went to see a few auctions around Noosa to see what sort of buying is around, we saw one sell under the hammer, we thought whoever bought it was very lucky to snap that kind of a deal! Auction seems the way to go in Noosa these days after chatting to a few agents, and they were actually very friendly and helpful. One day I will buy that house we stayed at in Noosa Waters when the time is right for us! We are definitely re visiting next year and hopefully this will become routine for us.