Relaxing in Noosa Botanical Gardens

Relax in The Noosa Botanical Gardens

Just a short drive to the Noosa Shire township of Cooroy, on the shores of Lake MacDonald you will find the Noosa Botanical Gardens. Originally farmland that was resumed to create Noosa Shire’s water supply, the land was then used a rubbish dump before the Noosa Council started construction of the Noosa gardens in 1987.

The Noosa gardens as they stand today have an open air chapel, a fern house, a lily pond with a back drop of a beautiful Jacaranda Tree, a Greek style Ampi-theatre; where wonderful music events and operas are held.

The Noosa Botanical Gardens is pet friendly, (on leads) and a perfect spot for a picnic, under the willow trees. This beautiful garden is largely the work of locals whom donated their time to eradicate the area of weeds and worked tirelessly to plant and vegetate the area, there are a handful of full time staff employed to care for the Noosa Gardens now.

Please do find the time to go there, it’s peaceful, serene and great for wild life and photography as well.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

To get there, it is just a short car ride from your Apartment or Holiday home.

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