Summer in Noosa already

It is definitely feeling like summer here in Noosa! We flew in from Wellington for 10 days around South-East Queensland and the change in weather hit us hard! We stayed a night in Brisbane City, the next day we drove north because we had no real plans; the idea was to just go along with anything! As we were driving up we stopped in Noosa, a few of our friends recommended we do so, and they were so right! Noosa was amazing. The beach was fantastic. We stayed there for most of our holiday because we did not want to leave!

We were walking up and down Hastings Street checking out the shops and restaurants and it looked like Hastings St had a lot of fine dining options that we ended up trying. The meals were great! There were a few real estate agencies along the street so we ended up getting 25% off a unit right in Hastings St that was fully renovated through one of them – it was such a good deal, we were very impressed. If only we had friends in Noosa we could have invited over, we wanted to show off the unit because it was so good!

We stopped at the big information centre along Hastings St because we really had no idea what was around the town. The volunteers there really put us onto some great things! We took a stack of brochures and maps and just drove around; we thoroughly inspected Noosa Sound, Noosaville and Tewantin – very nice areas all surrounded by Noosa river. We saw the ferry cruising the river, and we booked two all day tickets for the next day! That was amazing and the water was crystal-clear. We noticed a lot of boat hire companies around Gympie Tce so hired some kayaks to get closer!

Then we discovered Little Cove and the national park. We walked along the boardwalk from Hastings St, all the way up to nationals, and over to Tea Tree which practically took up half the day. We really took our time! There were hardly any people at Tea Tree Bay so we unravelled our beach towels for a quiet sunbake. We still lazed around the unit for the rest of the day and practically the rest of our holiday. We couldn’t wait to report back to our friends about our stay.